The Importance of Builders Information Packs.

Builders Packs and Sketches to assist our clients and builders. Here at S J Johnson Associates ltd, we always provide a builders information pack along with our Building Control Calculations. The importance of this was highlighted again at several junctures on an interesting project out near Stroud last week. Here our client required the removal of large portions of traditional Cotswold stone rubble infill wall. This can pose the health and safety risk of rubble burst out when forming such openings. To assist we included in the pack a full method statement and the following sketches to assist the builder, recommending Nitofill (TH) by Fosroc to stabilise the infill. The project is also technically challenged by the requirement to temporarily decouple a pattress plate, again covered in the method statement. Providing good engineering design , clear instruction and discharging our CDM responsibilities. Details / sketches from the builders information pack can also be found at our LinkedIn page – via the icon in the web pages header banner or via