Expert Witness services, hearing attendances & reports are often required to assist Counsel should you find yourself in a position of loss and needing to appoint legal representation.

What Defines an Expert – The Sum of Relevant (Knowledge + Qualifications + Experience)

What is Expert Evidence – The Witnessing of Fact(s) rather than Events.

The legal processes being time consuming & therefore expensive, we would hope through our other reporting services to resolve matters before litigation becomes necessary. This might start with the instruction of a Defects Report, which you might use to negotiate with relevant third parties.

Should however redress / recompense not be achieved by these methods, by further instruction our Defects Reports can be progressed to pre hearing “Advisory Reports” for you to use with your appointed solicitor. After that, should it become necessary, reporting can be progressed to that of a full “Expert Report” meeting the requirements for such reporting of The Civil Procedure Rules – Section 35.

To ensure a current knowledge & understanding of the process Steve attended the Institution of Structural Engineers Expert Witness Course 2023 – Certificated.

All Expert Services are undertaken by a Chartered Structural Engineer

Pricing – For typical pre litigation Defects Reports – please refer to the Visit charge map + Defects Reports section of our Pricing Page. Advisory reports and further Expert services by specific agreement.

For all Expert Witness Services Contact S J Johnson Assoc’s