HISTORIC & LISTED Working on such structures can be extremely rewarding. However such activity requires careful and considered attention from the concept stage when assessing for restoration, continued or change of use.

Listed Structures in addition to the necessary structural capacity checks there is the requirement to liaise with and satisfy Local Authority Conservation Officers. Guidance on this can be found at various sources, we provide the following link to the Planning Portal.

Historic Structures pose the additional challenges that their materials, design and methods of construction will differ from that used in contemporary structures.

S J Johnson Associates have considerable experience in such matters, along with a library OF historic material properties, design codes and methods of construction.

All work on historic & listed structures is undertaken & reported by a Chartered Structural Engineer

Pricing – Generally time charged while the extent of issues / dilapidations is assessed, with fixed fees for visits & identified calculations / Reports – See our  Pricing Page.

For all work on Historic & Listed structures Contact S J Johnson Assoc’s