TEMPORARY WORKS are as the name suggests temporary in nature and can consist of propping as pictured for vertical loads or shoring for horizontal loads. They are often required to support the final structure also known as the Permanent works at key stages during the construction process.

The role of temporary work can be multiple and complex for such purposes as follows.

Load – bearing the load until the permanent bearers are in place

Stability – maintaining temporary stability until a more permanent item is constructed to do this.

Movement – control movement and deflections until connecting permanent works components are brought together.

S J Johnson Associates have considerable experience in the design of temporary works for both domestic builders and commercial contractors – their Designated Individual (DI) & Temporary Works Coordinators (TWC’s).

All Temporary Works Designs are undertaken by a Chartered Structural Engineer acting as the Temporary Works Designer (TWD).

Pricing – Based on specific requirements.

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